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Time to Open Up Here.

Posted by Christine13 Mar 28, 2012

I don't blog very often.  What I have found that when I quit smoking I have had a lot of painful memories come up for me.  Stuff from 40 or more years ago.  I guess you could say these things caused me to have numerous nervous breakdowns back in the 80's.  I have a mental illness I have been dealing with for years.  Now, I am mentally healthy but things do still bother me.  So I wrote down all the things that were bothering me and I had two pages worth.  I wrote them all out and then tore the paper up!!  I am putting the past behind me as of today.  I will focus on my wonderful life today with my dear husband, kids, and grandkids.  My past was one of smoking to numb out feelings and emotions.  Today I will learn to deal with them.  I won't be smoking anymore.  I will be opening up my life and blogging for help.  Onward and Upward right?

Thanks for listening.  With your help I will overcome this addiction.  I have new things to do for relaxation such as Yoga and walking.  Deep breathing.  I'm taking anti-deppresants so that should help with any kind of depression.  Have I got all my bases covered finally now?  I think so.  I won't be smoking but blogging about things now.

Hugs Everyone!


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