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Inner Turmoil

Posted by Christine13 Sep 29, 2011

This is crazy!!  I have so much inner turmoil about stopping cigarettes!!  I know I want to make this my last quit!!!

Somehow, I've got to sort this whole thing out and find a method that will work for me.  I know I have to find a new way to relax.  Yoga or meditation or deep breathing instead of smoking!!  I am and have been in a start/stop cycle.

I want to be successful this time.  I find depression rearing it's ugly head when I get a few days in.  I am already on an anti-depressant.

Does anyone have any advice for me on how to break this viscious cycle?  I am Bi-Polar but I know other people who have been successful in spite of that, so no excuses here.

Please help me keep this quit!

Thanks ever so much for listening to me.  No matter what happens I am in this to be smokefree forever.

Hugs to All and Thanks Again!

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