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Hello, I'm on day 2 of my quit.  I have quit many, many times before, but this one somehow feels different in a way.

I feel much more determined now, and lot's of the turmoil in my life has ended.  I'm hoping to make this my forever quit!!

I've lived through cancer, and I don't want this insideous addiction anymore.  I would never forgive myself if I gave camcer to myself again by continuing to smoke!  I sure hope it's not too late for me, I will always be at risk now.

My daughter has moved away with my grandson and son-in-law.  I want to live a long time and see my grandchildren grow up.  I want to live long enough to travel to see her and my sweet grandson. 

This is all up to me!  I won't give up this time around!!

Hugs all,


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