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Cancer, Smoking & Life!

Posted by Christine13 Oct 8, 2009
Yes, I quit finally for my final time, Sept. 6th I Hope. With a biopsy 2 days away, Sept. 8th/09. The biospy was positive for breast cancer. I will now face surgery, and radiation or surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, all depending if it has spread to my lymph nodes. Odd, what a diagnosis with cancer can do! I've remained quit for 32 days, including the biopsy, diagnosis, and treatment Oct. 15th the surgery. I'm praying I will be allright. It seems God has chosen this path for me, and maybe it was time he/she woke ME UP to my smoking addiction. Do I miss it, NO!!! Oddly enough this has been the easiest quit I've had, and I've had many. Please don't wait until a diagnosis hits you to be successful with your quit!!!!!!! I always used to make up excuses as to why I slipped, but truly the addiction had hold on me. Probably still does. I think it's just morally wrong to smoke, and I've smoked for 40 years, against my beliefs.
Please say a prayer for me, that my lymph nodes are clear on Oct. 15th, or later. I am having a lumpectomy and radiation so far, but may end up with chemotherapy. As my therapist said, "It's a fight for your life isn't it?
Please don't let this be YOU!!!!!!! Life goes on with, or without me.
Thanks for listening to my rant, rave!

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