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Hello everyone. I am so darn angry at myself. I've blown yet another quit!! All was going well until hubby and I had a huge fight last night. I gave in to the nicodemon who was telling me to go buy ciguarettes. I was weak, and did. I smoked a few, but it didn't help, and left me feeling like a failure yet again. I've been down this road so many times.
I thought I knew all my triggers and how to handle them. The fight continued in spite of smoking. What a huge mistake on my part. I had almost a month in. Well, I restarted my quit again, and wet down and shredded the remaining ciguarettes. Why haven't I learned my lesson? I keep relapsing. At this rate, my friends will give up on me!!
I vow to never give up, until I am successful!! Thankyou for listening........I must learn from this, so I don't yet again repeat this behavior!!

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