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Today I Am Tempted!

Posted by Christine13 Feb 24, 2009
Well, today has been a good day, but the cravings are wicked for some reason!!! I want to break down and light up!!
Ok, now to talk myself out of it..........just talking to myself here don't mind me!!! LOL. Ok, I listed my reasons for wanting to stay smokefree on my page..........every reason especially the first two are so very important to me. My family IS my life!!
Why do I dismiss them so easily in my mind??? Or my life??? Why hasn't the coin hit the slot that I'm an addict and can never have just one??? What's wrong with me??? Is it the junkie thinking thats got me in a whirl?
I NEVER seem to equate smoking with illness and death, and yet I know that it's true.That's gotta be the addiction. Ok, someone please tell me to WAKE UP..........this is not a JOKE...........this is MY LIFE!!!
Whew, I'm calm now..........I won't smoke, I'll be ok, for's past me and I'm still smokefree!!

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