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How I Stopped Smoking - Secrets to Quitting Cigarettes

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Our very own EX Community website is promoted in the book!

Thanks to all of your caring support here on EX, you've helped me to dig deep while quitting. And during this time I have been able to find what it took for me to put my eBook together. So THANK YOU to all of you who have helped me in all of my posts throughout these past nine months! I am very grateful for you and this site!!

Any book reviews are very appreciated!!



Every day, 40 million adults and 3,800 children in the United States light up a cigarette [CDC]. Many think they won’t get addicted, or that they can quit whenever they want to. But addiction plays on their mind and keeps them puffing away. If you’re a smoker, perhaps you feel the same way. Or, maybe you feel that it’s impossible to quit at all. But the reality is that’s just not true. You can quit smoking and it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you may be more ready than you know. You may even be ready right now. 

How I Stopped Smoking: Secrets to Quitting Cigarettes is a straightforward chronicle of author Christine Seeley’s journey to ending her own cigarette addiction. Seeley, who thought she may never quit smoking, shares her own step-by-step process, but also provides many ideas and secrets that will help you quit, too – and stay quit. In How I Stopped Smoking: Secrets to Quitting Cigarettes, you will learn how to get educated, make a plan to quit, and forge new habits out of the old ones. You’ll find tips for how to retrain your brain, raise your self-esteem and confidence, and battle those tempting cravings. And you’ll soon discover that every day, quitting gets a little bit easier.

How I Stopped Smoking: Secrets to Quitting Cigarettes will give you invaluable insight on what you can do to quit smoking. By staying honest with yourself, being proactive, and utilizing the helpful methods in this book, you, too, can conquer smoking once and for all!

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