Why Does Writing Make Me Wanna Smoke?

Blog Post created by Christine12252016 on Jul 3, 2017

Anyone have any answers? Suggestions? 

I'm well into my quit (over 6 months) and have been successful. N.O.P.E.

I do get the occasional cravings, but not like I am when I'm focused on writing (computer keyboard writing).

I'm getting many cravings when I'm focused on writing.

Is it a focus thing? Have cigarettes actually helped me focus in the past? Could it be true?


I plan to do a lot of writing in my future, and have only just begun. I need to find a/some specific

alternative/s to use while writing.


Currently, I'm snacking on pretty much everything from licorice to nuts to fruit, toothpics, etc.

I do the deep breaths, I get off my chair, stretch, walk to another room and do whatever.

The urge does pass, but I'm getting them more often while writing. And if feels as tho the

urges are actually distracting me from focusing on my writing. Confusing! 


What to do, what to do. Thanks for any ideas.  Back to writing....