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Headed to my appointment with the stop smokin' counselor at the doc office today. She thinks I'm still on the plan with the patch and gum.  HA! Can't wait to tell her I've had NO nicotine for 5 days now! Feeling liberated. =) 

Hello there Exers. This is my first post and my story. Thought it might be a good time to write it since tomorrow (Christmas Day) is my quit day. I have chosen not to go cold turkey, as I have begun taking the patch and have nicotine gum on hand as well. But today will be my last day of cigarettes. I have 1/3 of a cigarette left for today. I've been cutting down while on the patch and taking wellbutrin, for several weeks. I had already been taking wellbutrin for anxiety and depression and was only smoking about 10 to 15 cigarettes a day (Smoked 1 or 2 packs a day for many years). When I started the patch I decided to cut down on my amount of cigarettes every week, and chose Christmas Day as my quit day. The first week I think I smoked 8 per day, the next week, 6. Then 5, 4, 3, and this last week I started with 2 and went to 1 per day. 

You see, I figured I might need all the help I can get since I felt so very addicted to cigarettes and have been smoking for about 38 years. Cutting down up to this point really has not been very difficult. I thought it would be. But I've realized that my habits have been changing gradually over the last several years and the only time I would go smoke is when my body is craving it. I stopped smoking in the house years ago, so I learned to not smoke at my computer. Now instead, the computer works well as a distraction for me so I DONT smoke. And most of the people I am around are also non-smokers which makes it easier. However, I AM still physically addicted. And Im quite curious as to how well I will do coming off the the NRT's/nicotine.

I'm not sure how I will come off of the nicotine, but so far I am following the nicotine patch program which has me on 14mg a day for I believe it is 6 or 8 weeks (not sure at this moment), then 7mg for 3 weeks.  Once I get down low with the nicotine to where I start feeling strong cravings, and if the time seems right in life's circumstances, I may just cut it off completely. At least this is what I have in mind right now. I feel like I need a week of freedom from any unecessary social contacts or responsibilites for 3 to 7 days just so I wont want to hurt someone or something. LOL

I've attempted quiting a couple of times in the past without much success. It feels different this time. I have more confidence and desire to quit. One thing I DO know is that since I have made changes with my mindset about myself, it has been HUGE in helping me to quit. For months now, I have been listening to and reading all the postive programming I can, through means of my phone, computer, car, etc. to RETRAIN my brain and raise my self-esteem/confidence in myself in general. It all starts with our thoughts. It's all a matter of perspective. Whether you say you CAN, or if you say you CAN'T, you're right. I will continue to feed my mind with all the good stuff.  I'm excited for Christmas Day not for joy with family and friends or any of the usual stuff, but for ME to start my new beginning as an EX! Thanks for reading. =)