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8/22/17  7:00pm

Posted by CatsRsmart Aug 31, 2017

Ran out of cigarettes. So this is what I consider my start time. Every time I tried to time my quit date with midnight & running out of a pack. It just didn't work. I just couldn't justify the money, the negatives or find any reason to continue. No patches, no gum. That cost money too and prolongs the addiction.

So I've been laying low,

Knowing I needed to give my body the three days to detox. Then the hurricane came. So glad I am still 100% nicotine free. The last day I made myself a list and I've been repeating that list and anytime that urge comes up. I tend to be a perfectionist so I knew to get past the first week, I needed to just put my head down and get serious with myself. So Cats here. 

Thanks for being there.


Noon Today

Posted by CatsRsmart Aug 10, 2017

Please don't anyone beat me up. I can do that. Today is day one, technically at noon. I have tried the time My Quit around a lot of things and it never seems to work out. I have decided to get seriously mad at my addiction my excuses, my willingness to pay money for cigarettes when I'm struggling just to survive.

It's Sink or Swim time here.

I know the mind is powerful. I will not have a hard day one. I will have a wonderful day one. I will not crave cigarettes. I will not sink  because I can't pay my bills because I chose to spend it on a lie.

I will not use the patch or replacement gum every time I've done that I so easily go back. I know it takes 3 days to get out of my system and the next 3 days my body is going to be detox. Honestly I feel like a fool being a Serial quitter but here I am.

No need to beat me up, just know that I have reached a place of survival

And I have faith God has a better plan for me. It is my choice weather to make the decision. Nicotine is an insane addiction it is horrible. I will block comments to this post

Because you all have been so gracious and giving to try to help me through this time again and again and I do not want to take more from you than I already have.


Reset my quit date. Been smoking a week. I know the deal. Nothing about cigarettes makes any sense at all. One particular person ( that I don't have to live with anymore) seems to be my biggest influence. I'm working on that. School is beyond AWESOME! I'm so greatful for the opportunity & it is challenging! It's actually my sanity &  my consuming inspiration. Crazy non-stop working weekend to make the bills.....  again $ nicotine makes no $$sense!! 


I know. Here we go again.

I will keep quit ing until it sticks. Just saying.  


Cats can't ride freedom trai n today....not too smart, at all. 


day 30 - no cigarettes!

Posted by CatsRsmart May 6, 2017

Dropped the gum but still using a patch.

Sunshine & yard work are therapeutic.

Taking a day at a time. It's nice not to be stuck to the whole ritual of smoking. I can see how the nicotine gum can be an issue & did notice some adjustments after stopping.


Day 25

Posted by CatsRsmart May 1, 2017

Patch only, never did buy more gum. Appreciate all the honest comments/concern about nicotine gum. I agree. Regular gum is good.

Still taking the days in small bite-sized manageable chunks.. 

Cats need sunshine.

And naps

And maybe a nap in the sunshine.

Have good day everyone.


22 DOF -,Gum ????

Posted by CatsRsmart Apr 28, 2017

Yea, 3 weeks! Still wearing patch. Had/having a big self debate the past 24hrs on whether or not to continue using gum also. Easy to use gum everytime instead. One day @ a time.


19 DOF

Posted by CatsRsmart Apr 25, 2017

Wow. 19 days already. Still wearing a patch. Some things are actually easier this time. I do think each quit experience adds to help "take the plunge" again for freedom. It's nice not to have to buy or carry or waste the time. Just taking one day at a time, that's all we have really.


Another day.

Posted by CatsRsmart Apr 19, 2017

Trying to learn how to post pictures. Me & my cats still smoke-free! Hang with it everyone!


Riding the Waves

Posted by CatsRsmart Apr 18, 2017

Clean slate Cats here, still smoke-free, just riding out the waves, giving God time to mold & change me.



11 DOF