Nicotine Patch....Will you go through withdrawal after the final step-down.

Blog Post created by Carenda on Jul 24, 2009
I have been reading the different blogs regarding the patch. I myself was using the patch, However, I forgot to put it on yesterday. I actually did pretty good. So today, I decided not to put the patch on to see how I am really feeling. Today, has been the greatest day of my quick. For some strange reason I am not haveing cravings and I would say no if someone offered me a cig.

I have read that the patch is giving us a little nicotine and we step down gradually. I know the cigs are filled with other stuff and chemicals along with the nicotine. When using the patch to quit are we really delaying how long it takes for us to be done and over? Are we playing tricks on our bodies. I may not use the patch anymore if I continue the way I feel today. My attitude is good regarding my quit. If I find I need the little extra nicotine, I might just cut the patch in half.