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11th Year Anniversary

Posted by Carenda Jul 17, 2020

Hello Friends and Become an Ex,

Happy Anniversary to me!  Today is my 11th year of being Smoke-Free! 

I promised that I would come back every year to check-in, give updates, say hello to old friends, and to anyone who is still going through this journey, You can 

make it. Is it easy "no".  Can you do it "yes".   I feel great, No desire to smoke and grateful to my friends here and to this site.  Having someone to be accountable to helps a lot.  There were too may people supporting me and I refused to let them down.  


I just read in a devotional today, "Nobody is Perfect." We are all striving to do better.  We are all in this walk together.  If this is your first day of the quit or if this is day 365 or 4,017.67 days (11 years) that I am in.  We support each other and I keep each and every one in my thoughts, prayers and spirit.  Until next year, Take Care, protect your quit or strive to get there.  




Posted by Carenda Jul 18, 2019

Thanks to all who stopped by to wish me well.  It really was good seeing those who was on this journey 10 years ago.  Those are the ones who held me accountable and for that I am truly grateful.  We will continue to walk this journey.

Until we meet again..... 


10th Anniversary!

Posted by Carenda Jul 17, 2019

I started this journey July 17, 2009.  It was a true journey.  I was on this site getting support from the many members.  I blogged and was in contact with many  members, who became friends. The site has changed and some of the members are no longer here but I'm certain that the support is still as great.  During my early years I blogged a lot.  As the years passed, my blogging slowed down.  I promised to return yearly to check in and give thanks to this site.  I am happily smoke-free.  I have seen so many improvements.  Health and financial.  Health insurance premiums go down when you can prove you are a non-smoker  Until next year...….Come Join Me!

Today, marks my ninth year of being smoke-free.  As  I promised my first year I would come back every anniversary and report in. I am still thankful for the support I received on this site.  I had people to be accountable to and people I did not want to let down.  It was a good group of people here.  Some may still be around and to you who are I say hello friends and Thank-You.  Until we meet again! 


Going Down Memory Lane

Posted by Carenda Jul 17, 2017

I decided that before leaving the site for my yearly visit that I need to go down memory lane and let the new members see why I feel such love and respect for the many friends I have made through the years. You may know some of the names that are listed,  Here goes:


Calling all Old Timers:


Hello All  What a wonderful site to be a member of.  Please give yourself a pat on the back for being an ex and having the determination to protect your quits  I could not have become smoke-free if not for the many people on this site who encouraged me to continue.

We have lost a lot of the old members to other sites  who were beneficial to so many.  I and many others would like to hear from them.  

Please do not be offended if for some reason I do not mention your name on this list  There were so many people who either blogged almost daily or answered blogs daily. When I started the one person who was very frank with me and  many others were hwc.  I knew that I did not want to disappoint  Part of it may have been that I was afraid of the scolding that I might get  LoL.

The "Old Timers" were: hwc, JoAnne, Edith, Spunkie, Cindy Wilson, Sandi, ckoalaco, Linda N, Jaynalynn, Marie Burgess, Sheryl,, Sandra, Sylvia Deitz, Lois, Bonnie, Donna, Kellie, Linda Mc, Makela, Giulia, Christine, Denise 28, Dawn, Ali, Carlie, Patty, Terry Morache, jim the carpenter, Brittany, Lorie, Doris McCoy, Angie, jonescarp, Hyacinth, angeleyes, ctm. Cory, Jada, Raymond, Tiffany,  and so many more. 

I ended the blog by saying:Please respond and let us know how you are doing. Pass the word around for former members to sign in and say hello.

Just a little journey down memory lane.


My Eighth Anniversary

Posted by Carenda Jul 17, 2017

Hello All, I must start by saying Wow!  This place has really changed, the format has a totally different look from when I started eight years ago.  As I promised I would come back yearly to report out on my success.  This site and the friends that I made which were many helped me in my journey.  I am still smoke free and yes, I still live with a smoker.  My husband has not quit and I don't think he ever will.  However, he is not allowed to smoke in the house or my car.  It was a challenge and really hard quitting.  So much so that the thought of going through that again is not worth any cigarettes.

I give my love and prayers to all on this site, especially those who may be struggling to remain an ex. 


My Seventh Anniversary

Posted by Carenda Jul 18, 2016

Hello All, I promised to come back on each anniversary and give an update,  I quit on July 17, 2009 and I resfused to let 24 hours pass by without saying Thanks!  Thanks that I can say I have remained a quitter and that I have protected my quit.  For new quitters the best advise that I can give you is this, remember how hard it was for you to quit, why start back and have to re-live day one again.  Best wishes to all on ex.


My Sixth Anniversary

Posted by Carenda Jul 17, 2015

Hello to all the exers!  My family and friends,

As I promised, I will celebrate each anniversary by writing a blog giving thanks and gratitude to this site and the friends that I have made along the way.

Today, I say thank-you becaause I am celebrating my 6th anniversary of being smoke-free,. Today, I'm smoke-free, breathe freely, and live happily. Thank-You ex and all the members and friends who took this journey with me.  Always greatful.  I'll be back next year to celebrate,


My Fifth Anniversary

Posted by Carenda Jul 17, 2014

Hello to all the exers!  My family and friends,

As I promised, I will celebrate each anniversary by writing a blog giving thanks and gratitude to this site and the friends that I have made along the way.

Today, I say thank-you becaause I am celebrating my 5th anniversary of being smoke-free,.  Yes Five years!, I could have easily relasped since I live in the house with a smoker,  Yes, my husband is a smoker and he has to go outside to smoke and he's not allowed to smoke in my car.  He never thought I would remain smoke-free for a year much less Five years,  It was the grace of God, a young minister at my church, Rev. Jean Luc Charles, who preached on addictions his last Sunday before moving out of the state,  That sermon confirmed for me that my time with smoking was done and over with.  It confirmed for me that it was time to Let Go of the power the cigarrettes had over my life.  It was time to start living and breathing! Breathing new life, This site helped me to remain smoke-free,  I remained smoke-free  because I did not want to disappoint my friends on this site.   I wanted to be an inspiration to someone who may be struggling to quit and remain a quitter.  Go to my page and read my journey,  I'll be back next year to write about another year of being smoke-free.


My Fourth Anniversary!

Posted by Carenda Jul 17, 2013

I wrote a blog last year to celebrate my third anniversay.  I made a promise to write a blog on each anniversary to show my gratitude and apppreciation for this site and my many firends who helped me remain smoke-free!

I promise not to be long but I promise to stay true and continue to protect my quit and help anyone along the way,  I had great friends of this site who held my hand and listened to me.  Some of my friends are still here and some have decided to go on in a  different direction.  I thank all!  Next year will be the BIG 5 YEAR and I know I'll have a lot to say.  Thank-You Friends and Thank-You Ex!

Our dear friend JoAnne is celebrating a Birthday on June 9th.  Stop by and wish her Happy Birthday.

Believe it or not.....This city is about to be smoke-free!  Our agency required all employees to attend a mandatory meeting regarding this new policy,  Check out the article that was in the paper.  Thank goodness I'm now a non-smoker,

  DURHAM – Beginning Aug. 1, Durham residents will have fewer places to light up. 
Durham County’s Board of Health Smoking Rule, which was adopted by the Durham County Board of County Commissioners in February, will take effect then. The rule will prohibit smoking in the following areas: 
-- City and county of Durham grounds.  
-- City of Durham parks system (including playgrounds and athletic fields).  
-- Durham County trails and parks.  
-- City and county bus stops (including a radius extending 100 feet around the bus stop, excluding any private property that may fall in that radius).  
-- Durham Station Transportation Center (except as specifically designated).  
-- Durham Train Station (except as specifically designated).  
-- Sidewalks (owned, leased, maintained by the city or county of Durham and border Durham County property, city of Durham property, any public schools or hospitals).  
The new Durham County Human Services Building, which houses the Durham County Health Department and Veterans Services, and its adjacent parking areas, will become tobacco-free under the new rule, meaning that the use of all tobacco products, including snuff and chewing tobacco, will be prohibited.  
The Department of Social Services, which will move into the building in 2013, will also be included in the tobacco-free zone. 
A kickoff event and educational fair, to include local leaders as well as elected and health officials, is scheduled for 9 a.m. Aug. 1 in Bay 7 on the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham. 
"While the Board of Health initially expressed some reticence regarding the Smoking Rule, we decided to move forward after realizing the health benefits to the citizens of Durham, and based on feedback, the readiness of the public to move forward in implementing the rule,” said Sue McLaurin, Durham County Board of Health chairwoman. 
Due to the upcoming changes, through November, the Durham County Health Department will offer monthly multi-week Fresh Start smoking cessation classes to those interested in kicking the habit. To register for Fresh Start, call 919- 560-7765. 
For more information on the Durham County Board of Health Smoking Rule, visit or call the Health Department at 919-560-7600.  
Read more:   The Herald-Sun - Tighter smoking restrictions go into effect Aug 1

Third anniversary-Smoke-Free

Posted by Carenda Jul 17, 2012

 Three years ago I could not have imagined that I would have been at this point in my like as a non-smoker but here I am.  I was able to remain a quitter by God's grace and mercy and the friends I met  on this site,   I had to remain a quitter because i did not want to disappoint my friends on this site.  I will forever be thankful.

Quitting is scary but when we clear our heads from the nicotine we realize what damage has been done to our bodies and what damage will be done if we continue to smoke,  Yes, quitting is scary but living is blissful,

If you are struggling with your quit, stop by my page and I will help you as others helped me.  Some of us need to be accountable to someone and I am here to help.  Protect your quit!

I promise to write a blog to celebrate on each anniversary to show my gratitude and appreciation for this site keeping me smoke-free,

Two years ago, on July 17th I was antisipating being an ex-smoker.  I was going through the withdrawal stages of saying good-bye to someone or I should say something that consumed me from my teen years to my middle years.  I was 51 years old when I finally quit.  I had smoked for 34 years!  Thinking back that's a long time to continue a habit that is not doing you any good.

Two years ago my quit time was on a Saturday night (Sunday Morning) around 2 a.m.   I smoked that day and night almost non-stop.  I was so nervous because I just didn't know how I was going to make it without my cigarettes.  We were always together during my waking hours, after meals, during good times and bad.  I almost sheded tears when I lite up for the last time at 2 a.m.  I said goodbye to  my old and faithful friend.  I said a prayer for strength to continue wtth my quit.  I got up that Sunday morning made a cup of coffee and dressed for churchl  On that Sunday, our Assistant Pastor preached the sermon.  His topoc was how to let go of bad habits and addictions such as drugs, alcohol, bad relationships and cigarettes.  After church I spoke to him and told him that he preached his sermon directly to me.  I told him that I had asked for guideance at 2 a.m. to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes.  He said to me, I did not know you were a smoker let me pray for you now that you remain a non-smoker.  I will never forget him for his words of encouragement.  I felt that God sent him to deliver a message to me that the time had come for me to give up that awful habit and began living life. 

We sometimes make up excuses to continue to smoke such as. "I will gain weight."  The truth is, yes you may gain weight but you also gain a new lease on life.  I gained 15-20 lbs. and did not do anything about it the first two years of my quit.  I need to protect my quit and remain a quitter.  I just started watcing what I'm eating and exercising last month.  It's working, I have lost 5 lbs.  I have to remember that the weight did not come on at once and it won't leave at once.  These are just steps we have to go throgh to see the end results.

I am truly greatful for this site and the wonderful people who helped me along the way.  If I can be a help to anyone by giving you a word of encourgement, please stop by my page.  Thank-You friends and Thank-You to the administrators of ex who keep this site running,.  Remember to protect your quit.  It can be done.  I live in the home with a smoker.  My husband has not quit.  However, no smoking is allowed in the house or in my car.    I made a decison that quitting was too hard to have to quit again.   That's how I handle being smioke-free!

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