143 days and I almost smoked

Blog Post created by brookeanne on Mar 2, 2012

My company is going through some "changes,"  meaning layoffs. Currently I work Mon - Fri 8-4. I have been with the company for 11 years and they offered me a 6a-2p Sat - Wed postion doing what I did 11 years ago. What a slap in the face! So I told them I I would rather take the severance. Now, I am stressing out about finding another job! I will be jobless and medical insuranceless, at the end of the month. I was so close to smoking! But, I told myself, smoking will not find me a job! Please pray I find a job this month. I have already applied for 5, and I have an interview on Monday. Hopefuly things go well.

I hope everyone has a great smoke free Friday tomorrow!