36 days smoke free

Blog Post created by brookeanne on Nov 14, 2011

So, I posted a blog on Friday and wanted to thank all of you for the kind and encouraging words. Some of you wanted an update, here ya go friends.....

The meeting with my ex went well, as far as smoking goes. I DID NOT SMOKE. The news he had for me was not so great. He is in a tough/crappy situation and needed my help. So, I couldn't say no the man I still love and have been friends with for over 18 years. Hopefully my quit will motivate and encourage him to quit as well. Who knows, maybe we'll get our **** together after all. Either way, not gonna smoke. I don't do that anymore.

Anyways, 36 days smoke free and feeling FANTABULOUS!!!!! My COWBOYS even played a great game!

Happy smoke free Monday, everyone!