1111 Days of Freedom

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Jan 21, 2021

I've been seeing the number 1111 everywhere...since New Year' much so that I had to look it up (Cousin-Itt).  I am taking heed because it is positive, points to areas I need to work on and I really do think it holds some kind of message for me, if only to keep on keepin' on, don't be overly critical of myself (I've already been working on this) and to watch my thoughts (so easy to go negative sometimes).  Here's a few of the memes I found....rather cosmic, methinks:

I don't believe in numerology, etc., but there have been so many synchronicities in my life since the beginning of the year that I know I'm getting a message. I have always asked God to make his answer CLEAR to my prayer requests.  This was affirming.  I feel like the changes I have made recently are the ones I should be making to grow.  So much growth when you throw away the cancer sticks!!! 


Also the doves that routinely build their nest in various hanging baskets on my porch have come back and are nesting in a basket on the top of my baker's rack (on the porch).  I fixed it up for them and they seem to like it..both can fit into it and they typically fly in from wherever in the morning and "play house" for a while; the female in the basket and the male usually standing guard on the rim.  The fun thing about this year is that the basket is about a foot from my face as I stand at my kitchen sink and she doesn't turn her tail towards me like she did at first but stares at me through the window like I'm some kind of entertainment.  Such a joy!  They're my pets , and they are a sign from God for me, too.


So, newcomers, go ahead and blog to your heart's content.  Writing at the beginning of the quit really helped me clarify my feelings.  I no longer feel badly about blogging or think "Bonnie, come on, once again it's ALL ABOuT YOU."  Yes, it is! My blog is about ME and my QUIT is about ME and I could shout from the treetops that I am an EXSMOKER with 1111 Days of Smobriety and I'm darn proud of it!  I do believe I FINALLY did it.  NOPE, SINAO, and like Dale JonesCarpeDiem says, quitting is simple: just don't put a cigarette anywhere near your mouth.  I say it's simple (NOT easy):  Just make the decision to QUIT SMOKING and stick to it!  Save yourself the YEARS of mental turmoil and self-disgust that I put myself through by relapsing over and over and



GET IT DONE IN '21!!!!!!!!!!!