130 Days...

Blog Post created by Bonnie on May 16, 2018

And if I'm supposed to be out of No Man's's just not true for me...I want to smoke...oh...not really...I want to do SOMETHING!  I am so frustrated with my life right now...yeah, I can do the gratitude gig, and I AM grateful, but honestly I am MORE restless and frustrated and so feeling that I am NOT where I'm "supposed" to be. Not asking for advice, just sayin' I do believe I'll be wandering around in the desert for awhile.  I'm going to reward myself after work tomorrow (I know I'll be totally fried because my workplace is a friggin' zoo, not because of the peeps but because of the new "business model" and the expectations on new and old employees alike and everybody is so stressed, I can feel it when I walk in the door..oh my, what a mess)...let's see, I was going to go for a swim but it's supposed to rain?  Who knows...I'll think of something that doesn't cost $$$...


Meanwhile, I thought of this prayer from my 12-step was my favorite and it came to mind on the drive to work.


You can't be "calm, serene and gentle" when you're sucking on a may THINK a cig makes you that way, but it doesn't.  I have an image somewhere and the words on it say "Happy People Don't Smoke"...I'll find it one of these days but meanwhile I need to get to sleep.


Thanks for being life might be a conundrum right now (actually it's been that way for way too long), but at least it's a SMOKEFREE conundrum these days...and that, in itself, is an improvement.