Again, For the Last Time

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Dec 21, 2017

It's Winter Solstice and I think it's a great day to quit smoking.  Again.  For the LAST TIME.  Quit once for 3 years but started up again because the man I was in love with smoked and told someone I was too heavy for him.  It worked, but how foolish was I!  Smoked for years, then quit off and on for decades.  I was always got to be a joke with friends and least when I was "quit" I wasn't smoking.  Always started again for emotional reasons...STUPID!!!!  And after starting up again the last time (14 months ago) after being quit for 10 months, I've been a closet smoker for the most part.  Only one good friend of mine smokes and I rarely see her.  IT IS TIME!  Thank you all for being here.  I will make good use of this site--no one knows how hard it is to quit unless they've walked that path.  And I see many people here with long-term quits.  I want to join that team!