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Posted by Barbara145 Jun 19, 2019

"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection."  Author unknown    I posted this several years ago.  I think it is certainly food for thought.  I believe it is true. 

I have not seen her around since the Virginia Beach tragedy.  Praying she is o.k.

How did I do it?  I made up my mind.  You must get off the fence.  In my previous quits I held onto all options.  This time I decided that no matter what I wanted, no matter what I was feeling, a cigarette would not be the answer.  It was work. It was pain for awhile. It is all for a purpose.  GROWTH  We stop growing when we smoke.  We remain child-like in many ways.  I was a die-hard.  I smoked for 52 years.  It feels wonderful to be healthier, happier and  more mature.  I am so over cigarettes.  I did not think that would be possible for me.  This site and all the people who had quit before me willing to hold my hand as I let go of cigarettes and moved into a much better life.   You can do it.  If I could, you can, I promise 


Anyone heard from Pops?

Posted by Barbara145 Feb 25, 2019

Seems like he has not been around.  Praying for him.

I recently purchased a humidifier.  I have emphysema, and lots of allergies.  It is helping my breathing a lot.  I also started using saline nasal spray.  Such simple holistic solutions and I am much better.  Hope this might help others.


My Facial laser procedure

Posted by Barbara145 Feb 12, 2019

Reporting back on my procedure.  I had it on January 31st.  The laser was an IPL laser.  It goes below the surface of the facial skin.  It hurts a little.  They give you a numbing cream to apply one hour before. I did not find it to be painful.  It cost 350 dollars.  I had quite a few brown spots.  Initially they all come to the surface of the skin much darker.  Over one week they lighten and then poof they are gone.  It took about 10 days for me to be happy with the results.  It also stimulates the production of collagen.  I feel like I look much better.  I am also going to have a chemical peel in one month to refine the surface skin.  The dermatologist told me after she finished the procedure, "I think you will be pleased." and I am. My mood feels elevated about the whole thing.  See you in May at Virginia Beach


To encourage you

Posted by Barbara145 Jan 26, 2019

Good morning Exer's.  Thought I would let you know how my life has changed since I quit smoking 5 years ago after smoking for 52 years.  I decided to get a facial laser procedure to renew my 72 year old face a bit after all those years of smoking. Getting that done next Thursday.  I have plans to go to lunch with 2 friends from  a hospital I worked at 18 years ago.  In April I am flying to Florida with my sisters for some sun and sisters. Life is good.  It took a while to get to a positive place.  It is not an exaggeration to say I suffered for quite a while when I quit.  I decided I would do whatever it took to quit smoking.  SO GLAD I DID.  My CT scan shows severe emphysema and  advanced arterial calcification.  I walk 30 minutes everyday, eat a healthy diet and take a good multi-vit and many respiratory supplements.  Olive leaf extract, cordyceps, mushroom complex, astragalus, noni juice, lots of vitamin C, vitamin E, Boswellia ( suppose to slow progression of emphysema) and more. It is life changing to quit smoking. It is a journey for each person with so much good along the way.  May God bless you on your own journey to wholeness.


Barbara has 5 years!

Posted by Barbara145 Oct 11, 2018

What a journey.  I was a hurting unit when I said I was never going to smoke another cigarette.  I had smoked for 52 years.  I was diagnosed with COPD.  I thought to myself, " I am not going to stop smoking."  I was in the car driving.  A few minutes later, a little voice said, "Oh I think you can do better than that."  I began to devise a plan. The truth is, I wanted to live more than I wanted to smoke cigarettes. Chronicled on this site are my ups and downs and all arounds. Losses, gains. illness and wellness.  Looking back I would change nothing.  I am happier, healthier and living life to the fullest.  All the lovely people and experts on this site have taught me and supported me.  I am so grateful to God and Ex.  I tried for decades to stop smoking.  I was never able to accomplish it until I found Become an Ex.  If I can do this, you can too.    Love,   Barbara


Sharing My Miracle

Posted by Barbara145 Aug 3, 2018

About two weeks ago I was having some back pain The pulmonologist called it chest pain and ordered a chest x-ray.  It had been a year since I had one.  I smoked for 52 years and quit just about 5 years ago.  They saw the dreaded spot.  He ordered a CT scan and they found 2 nodules one in each lung. He ordered a PET scan to rule out metastatic cancer.  My family and many friends have been praying fervently.  I am amazed at how calm I have been waiting for the results of each test.  When I was a smoker, I would have been freaking out for 2 solid weeks.  Smoking one cigarette after the other for 2 solid weeks. Not this time.  When we speak of the changes in ourselves after quitting smoking, we are telling the truth.  Quitting smoking changes people in unimaginable ways.   What a gift.  When I registered for my PET scan on Tuesday, I read the paperwork that the doctor had sent over to the hospital.  My diagnosis was "Lung Cancer."  Still no freaking out but sad to my core.  The doctor just called with the results, "No cancer."  The area was scarring.  I feel so blessed.  Quit smoking if you are on the fence.   Love to all,   Barbara  

Often people wonder, "What will my life look like after I quit smoking.?"  Well after 52 years of smoking and 4 1/2 years quit and I am 71 years old, it is amazing.  I could not wake up until about 1 pm when I was smoking. I think I was constantly o.d'd on nicotine and carbon monoxide.  I was just out walking my dog at 8 a.m. on a beautiful morning in Virginia. I was on a continuous incline and then it steepened. I decided to sprint up the rest.  My dog loved it and I did too. You see I was in ICU about two years ago for "Respiratory Failure".  I was sent home on a bunch of meds and oxygen.  I was told to go to Duke and get a lung transplant by a Pulmonologist from Cleveland Clinic.  I never went to Duke.  Fast forward 2 years, very few meds and no oxygen and an active life. God is good. I am so into self care.  I eat a well balanced diet with lots of fruit and protein, I take a lot of supplements and sleep well. Life is good.  I walk everyday and do yoga once a week with a yoga class. Life is sweet for this retired nurse.  As you can guess I believe quitting smoking is worth the effort.   Try it and see.  You will not be disappointed.      


Words of wisdom

Posted by Barbara145 Mar 13, 2018

"Fear and resistance are the dragons that stand at the door of the temple that contains the jewel you seek.    Just keep going."      Alan Cohen

I tried to quit smoking so many times over the years that I lost count. For me, before NRT's, I could not make it 24 hours. About 15 years ago I quit for 3 mos with the patch. I cried everyday the entire time.  I decided as much as I wanted to quit there was just no way for me.  I was listening to Dr.Radio one day and they were talking about using 2 forms of  NRT's.  It perked my interest.  It was something new.  The rest is history.  I smoked for 52 years and now have been quit for 4 awesome years.  I had no idea when I began how very wonderful not smoking would actually be.  Quitting smoking is a very individual journey.  Never give up on finding what works for you. The support of this lovely community was paramount in this process for me.  I don't think I could have quit without them.   I have more peace and joy than I ever did smoking.  If I can do it.  You can too.  Love,   Barbara



Posted by Barbara145 Sep 12, 2017

Has anyone heard from Connie?


Time to try to inspire

Posted by Barbara145 May 11, 2017

Finally after 52 years of smoking quite heavily I quit with the love and support of Ex. I was 66 at the time and I am now 70.  I have "Bad Emphysema", so they say.  I was in ICU for respiratory failure in August.  You would never know it now.  I garden, rake leaves, walk 30 minutes everyday and do yoga at a local fitness center. (Hard class.)  I am on my way out the door to go to the woods and dig up a honey suckle to take to my daughter-in-law.  I will plant it in the woods just behind her house and beautiful pool. She loves the fragrance.  You are never too old to quit smoking. I love my new life and the new me. If I can quit smoking, you can quit smoking.  I promised my self no matter what I wanted, no matter what I was feeling a cigarette would never again be the solution.  It is tough especially for the first 3 or 4 months and it is a journey.  I just keep growing even now.  God bless and have a beautiful smoke-free day.

My point is that life gets better and better the farther you get from being a smoker. I quit a little over 3 years ago after smoking for 52 years.  I had my 70th birthday last Sunday.  Two surprise parties were given for me over the week-end.  I hosted my sisters for a super bowl get together after the party on Sunday.  It was truly the most fun of any of my other birthdays.  Also I was in ICU for respiratory failure (from smoking) less than 6 months ago. I am doing great (amazing.)  My only med is 2 puffs of low dose symbicort once a day.  No oxygen or nebulizers.  Had I not stopped smoking when I did I doubt that my outcome would have looked anything like it does.  I walk 30 minutes everyday.  If you haven't stopped smoking, please do.  Life is truly much better without them.