Play the tape all the way through

Blog Post created by Alyssadone on Jul 18, 2019

The first time I quit, I blogged almost daily to keep myself on track.  I need to start doing this again so this is my 2nd blog after a relapse (3.5 years).  I am ready to go back to my healthy way of life and excited to start this journey again with everyone here.  I am not ashamed anymore that I made a mistake, but need to stop with the excuses of why I can have one or two because I am not a person that does well with moderation!  I'm 14 months sober (alcohol) and I think maybe that is why I went back, so I can do something that is bad.  AA meetings have fewer smokers than I thought, but somehow I crept back into that habit during a meeting.  Just one, I told myself, no big deal.  Well I should have played the tape all the way through because now I went from never thinking about smoking to thinking about it daily.  I am taking this as a lesson on what could happen if I also pick up a drink.