37 days Nicotine and Smoke Free

Blog Post created by Alice23 on Jun 9, 2011

37 days isn't exactly a 'milestone' number I know.  The thing is - I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I'm doing this with zero nicotine. 

I quit cold turkey at 8pm on May 2  and didn't use anything for NRT.  In the past I have used the patch and felt it was a really great method. wasn't until I gave THIS method a try ..that I realized ummmm...maybe NRT wasn't such a great method after all!  My quit routine went something like this:  Put on a patch the morning of my quit.  make it usually a week or two - then start playing games with the quit. 

"I can still have my morning cig, put the patch on for the rest of the day - that's only a pack every three weeks"

"I can still have my mornin cig , and that cig I like to have after dinner - then put the patch back on - that's only a pack of cigs every 2 weeks or so "

and so on was a stupid game and it always led to "that's only one pack of cigarettes a day" !!!

Not this time - there is NO nicotine in my system and I'll be damned if I'm going to mess that up!

Thanks for letting me blow my own horn, pat my own back and just generally spread my personal pride and joy!