Well now I know its for me.

Blog Post created by alana-higby on Jul 29, 2008

Well as of today I dont think anyone in my family cares that I dont smoke all of them have there own things going on and I'm just in the way. I guess I never thought about what to do when I stopped smokeing, I feel alone and my husband works nights and has not been getting any sleep and I feel like he does not whant to be around me, he has been so crabby. I dont know if its just the withdrawls and the stress or if I'm realy loosing my mind. I just whant to crawl in a hole and get away, I'm sending this msg instead of going to the store to buy cigs I was in the car and going down the street when I stopped and thought what in the hell are you doing so I drove back home and now I feel better, just alone. NOW I KNOW IT'S FOR ME.